An ideal environment for investment

Stakeholders from the region join forces to
create an ideal environment for investment

Service companies

Safety, quality and specialisation

The Association of Service Companies of Tarragona (AEST) works together with the companies of the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT) to guarantee the safety of their workers and the quality of the work done.

  • 80 service and maintenance companies
  • Specialised training for employees
  • Guaranteed quality standards
  • 4,000 direct jobs

Knowledge and research

Talent recruitment

The immediate environment of ChemMed hosts renowned institutions like Rovira i Virgili University, a Campus of International Excellence; CTQ (Centre for Chemical Technology); ICIQ (Catalan Institute for Chemical Research); as well as specialised dual-track vocational training institutes.

  • Rovira i Virgili University, declared a Campus of International Excellence
  • 14,000 students and 1,400 researchers
  • Pioneering institutes in Spain in dual-track vocational training
  • ICIQ, one of the top three research institutes in the world
  • CTQ, conducting R&D&I
  • The Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Education


Participating members

The business community is also committed to the estate.

Business organisations, chambers of commerce and trade unions also form part of the cluster’s ecosystem, reflecting the desire of all stakeholders to create an ideal space for industrial growth.

  • Chambers of Commerce (Tarragona, Reus, Valls and Tortosa)
  • Business federations (PIMEC and CEPTA)
  • Trade Unions (CCOO and UGT)

Governmental agencies

A region in harmony

Government agencies in the region have also chosen to take part in the cluster with the aim of attracting new investment in the sector. The Government of Spain, the Government of Catalonia, the Tarragona Provincial Council and 13 town councils are all part of the project.

  • Government of Spain
  • Government of Catalonia
  • Tarragona Provincial Council
  • 13 town councils from the region with chemical enterprises

The Romans called Tarragona 'the city of eternal spring'.
The climate, beaches, world-class tourist attractions (such as PortAventura),.
wine tourism, tranquillity and proximity to Barcelona make Tarragona.
a place where quality of life takes centre stage.



92 km of top-level beaches

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